Raleway comes preinstalled with Ionicons. This set features 525 icons for you to use however you please. And is just one of the 3 icon font sets we offer, totaling in over 1000+ icons.

You can place Ionicons just about anywhere using the icon's name. Ionicons are used within inline elements, <span> is recommended.

You can find the cheatsheet for Ionicons here: Ionicons Cheatsheet.


To increase icon sizes relative to their container, use the fa-lg (33% increase), fa-2x,fa-3x, fa-4x, or fa-5x classes.

<span class="ion-android-hand fa-5x"></span>
<span class="ion-android-hand fa-4x"></span>
<span class="ion-android-hand fa-3x"></span>
<span class="ion-android-hand fa-2x"></span>
<span class="ion-android-hand fa-lg"></span>


For the bordered icons, you have 3 options: .bordered-icon-lg, .bordered-icon-sm, and .bordered-icon-xs.

<span class="ion-android-lightbulb bordered-icon-lg"></span>
<span class="ion-android-lightbulb bordered-icon-sm"></span>
<span class="ion-android-lightbulb bordered-icon-xs"></span>

Color Bordered

For the colored bordered icons, you must add .bordered-icon-color to your <span> class. You can use the above sizing options (the ones women wish they had) as well.

<span class="ion-android-lightbulb bordered-icon-color bordered-icon-lg"></span>

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